Transferring Credits – RELEASED!!

Yes, you read that correctly – Transferring Credits is FINALLY released!!

We are so excited to at last announce that the long-awaited (5 years in creation) highly anticipated final installment in the With Honors series is now available here, on Addison Winter’s author website, Amazon

, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and all other major book retailers.

And as our special Christmas gift to you – you can claim your eBook here and on Addison’s site for only $.99 through the end of December!!

Transferring Credits, the With Honors series, Book 3

Confrontation. Alienation. Truth.

The cards are on the table, and everyone has shown their hand. And no one is innocent. No one is coming out without a few scars.

Alex, Mason, and Hayden must face the consequences for their actions and deal with the fallout for the decisions they’ve made. But are they ready? Can they handle the reception they are about to receive from their friends and family? When the dust finally settles, can they look at each other?

In the gripping conclusion of the With Honors series, Alex must decide once and for all between Mason and Hayden. But will her decision destroy two families? Will she be able to let go of one of the two men she has grown to love and cherish? And will she be able to live with herself?