Things have been moving fast over the last several months. We are excited to add a couple new additions to our staff – a new Marketing Director, Maria Wallace & a new Creative Director, Alyssa Marsh. They are amazing ladies – creative, talented, & insightful. We are thrilled to have them aboard & cannot wait to see what new adventures they take us on.

Plus, we are delighted to introduce Addison Winters new line: ADDISON’S TOYBOX, ADDISON’S CLOSET, FEATURED AUTHORS, & video segment, THE SEXPERT LOUNGE.

ADDISON’S TOYBOX: Each item personally selected by Addison, her new TOYBOX is designed to enhance, excite, & allure. Each TOYBOX includes a sexy read, an intimate high-quality rechargeable Adult Toy, Lubricant, Tantra Cards, Intimate Adult Games, & other goodies to spice-up those romantic evenings with your lover. Available for a One-Time Only purchase or as a Quarterly Subscription, ADDISON’S TOYBOX will be discretely delivered to your home in time for your next special occasion or simply to awaken sensual desires on a Tuesday evening!

ADDISON’S CLOSET: Take a peek inside & find an array of sporty, comfortable, & sexy attire selected by Addison Winters for those who love to workout, or snuggle up with a tantalizing read. Plus, we’re constantly adding new items – Addison loves to write in her pajama shorts & bottoms, or entice her husband in something sexy & alluring! Each of our top-of-the-line attire displays the kitschy ADDISON’S TOYBOX logo – bright, colorful, & fun, with just the hint of divine naughtiness – just like her books. So, pick up a juicy new read, slip into something sexy, & let the fun begin!

THE SEXPERT LOUNGE: As a bestselling author of erotica fiction (or as she likes to call it, Soccer Mom Porn), speaker, & educator of courses on Female Domination & The Art of Tantra, Addison Winters was the perfect choice to host our new video series segments. She has a master’s in psychology and am currently working on her doctorate. She wanted to create a forum where anything & everything goes, readers can ask questions & get answers on her books, & everyone can write in & ask all those intimate questions they don’t feel comfortable discussing elsewhere, but need answers to.

FEATURED AUTHORS: In addition to our amazing authors, we’ve selected an array of talented, steamy writers to feature in our ADDISON’S TOYBOX. We’re kicking off our new line with the incredibly talented Southern author, Savannah Maris. She has penned 12 erotica novels & is releasing lucky number 13 this spring. We are positive our readers will fall madly in love with her enticing characters & the vivid world she enraptures them with.